The Mete family has been growing olives in their own garden in Şenköy for 5 generations, it is our family’s duty to tend to the olives as good as possible.
We are growing and maintaining the trees by natural means without using any harmful substances and also by not disrupting the natural ecological cycle of the soil.
Most of the trees are inherited from our great grand fathers and we ought to tend them with utmost respect and care…
  • Zeytin Ağacına Saygıyla

    With respect to the natural healing source, the sacred Olive Trees…

    We produce the oil by taking full account of this special fruit being one of nature’s most effective natural healing sources.

    We use the latest technology to produce the oil in order to keep it’s nutrition value and aim to present it to you, our deserving customers.

  • Yetiştirme


    The trees around the Milas region have been tended with traditional methods and the soil have been fed by natural means. Mete family has been keeping this tradition and producing in our garden in Şenköy by following the organic production standarts. We never use any chemical substances and instead use biologic, biotechnic and mechanical methods. Having the company mission of passing on the olive cultivation culture we live by, we ought to maintain the soil productivity and the ecological cycle with organic substances.
  • Hasat


    The most important bioactive compound of Memecik olives; polyphenol, tends to decrease as the fruit maturates. By this context, the optimum harvest time of the fruits is determined by the targeted acidity ratio and polyphenol levels in the fruits. This period is most usually when the fruit is about to fully mature, when the fruits are starting to redden (Veraison – Purple). In Metebey olive grove, we only handpick and use mechanical harvest methods. Our priority is the quality of the oil.
  • İşleme


    The harvested olives are moved to the transfer vehicles spaciously with crates. The olives that are damaged are not processed because they contain microbiological harmfuls and decrease the quality of the oil. The olives are transported as fast as possible to our ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified facility for cold pressing. With cold press, the temperature never exceeds 24℃, this is important because this method produces oils with more healthy compounds, aromatic values and quality than other methods.
  • Saklama


    The oil is most intense in taste immediately after the fruit is pressed. In this phase we bottle some of the oil without filtering. These limited edition oil is bright green-yellow in color, has intense fruity taste and smell, higher values of anti-oxidant properties, vitamin and natural active compounds, this is the grade which has the most healthy properties. Until the bottling phase we keep all our oil in nickel-chromium tanks and at all phases of the process it is under supervision of organic farming standards.
  • Our Grove

    Location: Where the Aegean and Mediterranean meets, Southern Aegean Hillside
    Altitude:: 311 meters
    Distance from the sea: 10 km
    Distance from the lake: 5 km
    Plantation: Rocky Hillsides
    Soil Type: Limey, clayey
    Climate: Mediterranean
    Flowering: End of April, start of May
    Harvest: End of October, start of November
    Harvest Method: Mechanic Harvest
    Extrusion Method: Cold press
    Storage: Cr-Ni Tanks
  • Metebey – En Kaliteli Zeytinyağı Ödülü

    Top-Quality Olive Oil

    We have been awarded “Top-Quality Olive Oil Award” in the 5th Southern Aegean Food, Agriculture and Livestock Fair.


Taze sıkılmış zeytinyağı 🙂