• Memecik olive oil,

    Memecik olive oil is an olive oil variety with one of the highest levels of anti-oxidant properties. As a high quality olive oil should, the high polyphenol level pleasantly warms the throat. 

    The compelling fruity taste and resulting warm feeling provides an unforgettable olive oil experience.


    Metebey Memecik Zeytinyağı

Memecik Olives

A South Aegean Legend…

  • Memecik Zeytini

    Memecik Olives

    Memecik Olives can be recognized by their asymmetric oval shape and the small twist at the point of its fruit. Olive’s color changes according to its maturity level between yellowish and greenish tones. The most matured olives have dark cherry – black colors. Memecik olives are bulky and have small seeds. Mature fruits have medium toughness. These fruits are suitable for both producing oil and eating raw. Alsa known as Taşarası, Aşıyeli, Tekir, Gülümbe, Şehir, Yağlık.
  • Zeytin Ağacı

    Olive Tree

    Memecik type olive trees have a strong body. It’s twigs are rounded crown shaped. Grey-green leafs emit a silverish spark in the sunlight. Flowering starts at the end of April. The fruits start to emerge at the end of May and start of June. In the middle of November fruits start to mature. Memecik type of Olive Trees are resistant to natural conditions such as aridity and cold.

  • Memecik Zeytinyağı

    Memecik Olive Oil

    Memecik olive oil is dark greenish yellow in color, has medium intensity fruity taste and has rich sensory properties with bergamot, orange, almond and bay leaf aromas. Intense anti-oxidant compounds leave a mild burning sensation in the throat. Memecik olives have a mild bitter taste and are rich in tocopherols (Vitamin E) and phenols. It is very good for human health because of its anti-oxidant and nutricious properties.
  • Memecik’in Anavatan Toprağı

    Memecik’s Homeland Soil

    Memecik’s favourite environment is Milas’ unique air and earth properties. This efficient climatic structure has been discovered centuries ago and the people has been growing here since then. It is known that Milas and the surrounding area has been producing olives and olive oil since the antiquity. Olive oil production has been done here for centuries and in time it became the part of the areas culture. Memecik olives are unique to the Southern Aegean region and has low acidity because of its clayey sand, limy and alluvial structure.