Metebey Erken Hasat Natürel Sızma Zeytinyağı


Premium Quality Olive Oil produced with Milas Memecik Olives

  • Max % 0,4 acidity
  • High Polyphenol (280mg/kg)
  • Cold Pressed (23°C)
  • Erken Hasat
  • One Grove (100% Memecik Olives)
  • In 500 ml glass bottles


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Delicious taste, amazing aroma!

Has dark greenish yellow color, medium intensity fruity taste and rich sensory properties with bergamot, orange, almond and bay leaf aromas. Intense anti-oxidant compounds leave a mild burning sensation in the throat. Memecik olives have a mild bitter taste.


The miracle that gives olive trees their immortality;


These biophenolic compounds strengthen the body’s immune system against sickness.

High anti-oxidant properties decrease the damage to the cells by the harmful free radicals in the body and delays cellular aging.

The delicious bitter taste is also because of polyphenols in the oil.

This year we harvested on November 2019 when the olives were rich in polyphenol and have reached our record level 280mg/kg polyphenol value.

This fragrant olive oil which comes from the mountains of Şenköy can be drank, used on salads, sauces and all meals.

Greetings from Şenköy...

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