Metebey New Harvest (Pre-Order)

Metebey Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil “Unfiltered”

You can preorder for the most recent fresh olive oils from the new harvest.

The freshly picked olives are squeezed in the same day and bottled without filtering then sent to you.

Unfiltered olive oil has a very intense aroma. It is very valuable because it is bottled when the anti-oxidant values are highest.

The olive oil lovers who preorder before the harvest time will be informed about the process of their olive oils from the time they order to when they have the product.

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  • GENSA Organic Certified
  • Unfiltered
  • High Polyphenol
  • Cold Pressed (23°C)
  • Green Harvest
  • One Grove (100% Memecik Olives)
  • In 500 ml glass bottles