Metebey High Polyphenol Olive Oil – Unfiltered


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Timeless olive oil from Şenköy olive forests  

  • Intense fruity aroma 
  • Early Harvest 
  • 0 Milas Memecik 
  • Max 0,2% acidity 
  • High Polyphenol (327 mg/kg) 
  • Cold Pressed (23°C) 
  • Cold Pressing (23°C) 
  • Only one garden 
  • In 500 ml glass bottles 

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Fortunately, Zeus, the lord of the sky, was in a good mood this year, and he did not spare us the mighty spring rains. Seeing this, Cybele, the mother goddess of the fertile lands, scattered her seeds in the Şenköy Olive Forests with great enthusiasm. Hegemone, the plant goddess, took these seeds and lovingly created the flowers of our olive trees. At that time, Pan, the lovely god of the countryside and the shepherds, was playing his epic flute and dancing with the whole forest until morning. Selene, the goddess of the moon, was always with us. Every night as we descended from Lake Bafa to the mountains of Latmos, she scattered his light on us.

Our trees, which started to bloom in April, started to bear fruit in October in this harmony. Our harvest this year was thankfully good. In October, we started production for early harvest high polyphenol Metebey olive oil. We turned our olives, which we collected from the Alakavak region, where our trees over 1000 years old live, into olive oil elixir in Milas Sleep Valley. We squeezed it at 23 degrees in a closed system in order to preserve the aroma and beneficial components of our olive oil. 

We produced only 1000 pieces of this bottle. Polyphenol level is 327 mg/kg. The acid value is 0.2%. Its aroma has an intense fruity taste and contains the breeze of Şenköy Olive Forests. 

Metebey Early Harvest High Polyphenol Olive Oil is a very valuable oil. That is why we recommend using it only in cold dishes. You can drink Metebey directly, eat it with a piece of bread that has just come out of the oven, and add it to your salads and cold sauces. 

The biggest enemies of olive oil are heat, light, air and humidity. Metebey is not affected by light, air and humidity thanks to its special bottle produced in Italy. However, it should still be kept away from sunlight and hot environment to prevent it from heating.

We wish that Metebey will bring you happiness..

Love from Şenköy

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